Fairfield police detective, son of Norwalk mayor arrested

<p>Fairfield police say one of their detectives, the son of Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, has been arrested for the misappropriation of drug evidence by a police detective within the organization.</p>

News 12 Staff

May 26, 2017, 4:33 PM

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Fairfield police say one of their detectives, who is also the Norwalk mayor’s son, has been arrested for the misappropriation of drug evidence.
According to police, Detective Stephen Rilling, 40, was arrested Friday for computer crime, forgery and possession of drugs.
He is the son of Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, who was also the city's longtime police chief.
Stephen Rilling, a narcotics detective, is accused of stealing drugs from his own department.  He has turned himself in to police.
Detective Rilling has previously admitted to having struggled with heroin and prescription painkillers in an online post. Rilling also wrote that he went to rehab once before and was immediately assigned back to the narcotics squad.
Fairfield police say that they had to give Rilling his old job back because he self-reported and got help.  According to police, this was mandated under the union contract.
Police say the arrest is part of a long investigation that started about six weeks ago. Rilling has been placed on paid administrative leave.
Fairfield police believe Rilling started stealing drugs out of the department's evidence room in April of 2016 and continued to do so for the next eight months.
The police chief is now trying to figure out if any pending criminal cases were compromised.
Mayor Rilling issued a statement saying, "In the past few weeks I learned my son has a substance abuse problem. He has accepted responsibility and is in therapy."
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