Family, City Council members wait for answers 1 month after Bridgeport woman's death

Family and City Council members are seeking answers from police and other Bridgeport officials a month after the death of a 23-year-old Bridgeport woman.
Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead inside her Plymouth Street home on the Upper East Side of Bridgeport after meeting a man on the dating app Bumble.
City Councilwoman Maria Pereira says she is joining forces with attorney Darnell D. Crosland, who represents the Smith-Fields family.
The family tells News 12 that their daughter had met "an older white man" on the dating app, and it was he who reported her untimely death to police. Authorities have been saying they cannot comment until the medical examiner releases the cause of death in the case -- a process they say could take up to two months.
Crosland says city officials and the police department need to be held accountable.
"The mayor of the city should be at my office, at the family's home, giving us phone calls, saying we apologize, we can do better. If the world's looking at us to do better, why isn't the city looking at us to do better?" he says.
The family says they're angry the lead investigator did not detain for questioning the unnamed man Lauren met on Bumble who reported her death to police.
"When I asked him about the guy, he just made it seem like the guy was a nice guy, there was nothing to investigate," said brother Lakeem Jetter.
The family also claims they were dealt with "dismissively" and told to stop calling.
City officials say they extend their "sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Lauren Smith-Fields." They say they cannot discuss the case while the investigation is ongoing.
The Command Staff in the detective bureau is reviewing the handling of the case.
The Bridgeport Police Commission declined to comment on the investigation.