Family, friends remember the 24 victims of gun violence killed in Bridgeport last year

Family and friends of the 24 victims of gun violence killed in the city of Bridgeport last year held a vigil Thursday to urge people to come together and stop the violence.
The vigil, which was organized by the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, was held at McLevy Green.
Those in attendance stood in a circle holding a picture of their loved one and shared a little bit about the person they lost.
"It's crucial to be able to lift them up, hold them in memory and certainly honor their friends and family," says event organizer Frank Balser.
One woman who lost a loved one says it's time to take back the community and pay attention to what is going on.
Carolyn Vermon, of Bridgeport, says it's up to the young people who are often the victims and perpetrators of gun violence to make the choice to value their lives and the lives of others.
The group is calling on the state has to step up and develop programs to end gun violence.
There were 11 murders in Bridgeport in 2019.