Stolen memorial to Bridgeport hero replaced at Sideside Park

Two weeks after being stolen, the memorial for a Bridgeport hero was replaced and celebrated by his family.
A plaque commemorating 57-year-old Dave “Bundy” Meszoros was placed on a Seaside Park bench after he died of cancer a year ago. Two weeks ago, the tribute was ripped off the bench and taken.
Police are investigating the theft but say they have no surveillance video and very few leads.
Bundy Meszoros helped to save lives in the L'Ambiance Plaza collapse in 1987 -- one of the worst construction disasters in modern Connecticut history.
Jimmy Meszoros, one of Bundy's three brothers, says the theft left him and his family deeply hurt.
The sadness of Bundy's family was healed as his brothers unveiled a replacement plaque on Saturday. His brothers say it was joyful to get together and honor Bundy once again.