Family moves from Connecticut to South Carolina just in time for Florence

A family from southwestern Connecticut that just moved to South Carolina is on the move again - this time trying to get out of the path of Hurricane Florence.
Tom Renner says he and his wife, Robin, packed as much as they could in their car and drove four hours south to Swainsboro, Georgia, where they are staying at a hotel to avoid the storm.
Renner, who is a former resident of Bethel, says he and his wife have been renting a home in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, and just moved there Aug. 1 so his wife could begin a new teaching job, while he continues to work remotely for a Stamford marketing company.
He says some of his neighbors elected to stay and brave the storm and says he's more worried about the flooding than the winds.
Renner says he wanted to escape Connecticut winters and knew he was moving to an area where hurricanes hit.
He says his two daughters, one at UNC-Wilmington and the other in Fredericksburg, Virginia, also got to a safer area and are OK.
Renner says he hopes he may be able to get back to Surfside Beach sometime this weekend.