Family of Bridgeport child with rare genetic disorder faces homelessness after electrical fire damages home

A Bridgeport grandmother says her family, including her 7-year-old grandson who has a rare genetic disorder, is facing homelessness after an electrical fire badly damaged their home.
Valentina Coatanroch, her two daughters, and their three children were displaced by an attic electrical fire on Aug 9. at their Cogswell Street home.
Valentina says her special-needs grandson has a rare genetic disorder called Sotos syndrome, a genetic overgrowth syndrome. She says her grandson is also immune-compromised.
She says her grandson has ended up in the hospital once already because of their displacement due to the house fire.
Valentina says she needs to get her grandson into a stable environment where he won't be exposed to outsiders.
The family says they need an apartment but can't afford the security deposit.
Valentina says she got about $800 from the American Red Cross but that paid for only a few days at a motel.
The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with expenses related to the fire and their need for temporary housing.