Family reflects on life of Bridgeport woman who died of overdose

Family members of a Bridgeport woman who died after a battle with addiction say they want to spread awareness to others who may be struggling.
Sade Billie, 36, of Bridgeport, died of a drug overdose last week.
Her family says she had been battling addiction for 16 years.
Billie's family says they want to share their story to encourage people who are struggling with addiction — and their families — to get professional help.
The family says there are many resources available to help those who may be struggling with addiction, and they hope their loved one's story helps others make positive choices.
John Hamilton, of Liberation Programs in Bridgeport, a nonprofit that helps people battling addiction, says the vast majority of overdoses in the city these days are the result of fentanyl.
He says of all the reported drug emergencies in Bridgeport in 2022, there were 1,005 overdoses, 110 of them were fatal. But he says in 496 of the non-fatal overdoses, the victim was resuscitated thanks to the use of Narcan.
Hamilton says drug emergencies in the city have seen a 14-20% increase in the last five years.
There is a GoFundMe campaign set up for the family.