Final breach of Dana Dam held Monday

The Dana Dam in Wilton was drilled away Monday.
The deconstruction of the 6-foot high and 90-foot-long run of the river dam at Merwin Meadows Park will make way for a 14-mile stretch river.
The dam's removal will not only help fish but the area's ecosystem by enhancing water quality, improving public safety and community resilience.
"It's allowing sediment to flow downstream; it's allowing flood waters to more naturally connect to the flood planes that we've created here," says Alex Krofta, ecological restorations projects manager at Save The Sound.
Save The Sound was able to complete the final breach of the dam through funding secured from Rep. Jim Himes.
Once the remnants of the dam are cleaned, the nonprofit will slowly reopen the river.
"A step in the right direction of a more sustainable and really wonderful environment," says Himes.
Save The Sound will help beautify the surrounding area once water is fully following again.