Find fresh produce for the holidays at nearly 6,000 Connecticut farms

For those looking to shop local this year for their holiday meals, Connecticut has nearly 6,000 farms and many of them sell local produce.
Over the past two decades, agriculture has been on the rise in Connecticut.
Sub Edge Farm in Farmington, Connecticut is just one of many farms that offers an educational outlook on farm to table practices.
Naturalist Mark Fowler says the best resource to find farms that sell produce is the Connecticut Food and Farm guide, which is an insider's guide to farm fresh foods.
"A farm in particular is a great reason to shop locally because you're getting the freshest possible food you can," Fowler says.
Customers say they enjoy the variety of local vegetables like rutabaga, sweet potatoes, and pack choy, which is in the bok choy family.
"Organic vegetables is what we do mostly, but we're diversified farmers, so we have a lot of different things going on at once. Including the animal aspects. So we raise grass fed beef, we raise forest raised pork," Rodger Phillips, of Sub Edge Farm, says.
Philips says Sub Edge raises grass-fed beef, pork, and chickens for meat, as well as pasture raised eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys.
He says the farm consists of 289 acres, 160 of which are still tillable today.
"We care a great deal about what we do. We really care about a lot about the land and in the soil."