Firefighters: Man, dog fall through ice after pet chased ducks

The Milford Fire Department says a dog and its owner are lucky to be alive after both fell through the ice on a frozen pond.
The incident occurred in Eisenhower Park Tuesday morning.
Milford Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi says the man was walking his dog when it “noticed a team of ducks out on an ice-covered pond."
He says the owner had to be rescued after he fell through trying to save his dog.
"That water temperature is very cold,” says Fabrizi. “It allows for hypothermia to set in very quickly and essentially threatens your life."
The chief says to leave the rescue operations up to the professionals.
“You don't want to make yourself a victim in trying to save a pet from an ice-covered pond," he says.
After being rescued, the dog owner was taken to Milford Hospital for an evaluation. The dog was treated at a veterinarian’s office.
Chief Fabrizi says it takes 4 inches of ice to support a human.