First 4/20 day for legal weed in Connecticut celebrated at local dispensaries

Thursday marked 4/20, a day that has become an international recognition of and advocacy for legal cannabis.
Cannabis dispensaries around the country and right here in Connecticut are celebrating.
Customers were lining up at the Fine Fettle Dispensary in Stamford to celebrate 4/20 for the first time legally in Connecticut.
"It's our first adult-use 4/20 which is a big holiday in the cannabis industry, we're really super excited to be here celebrating with the community and our staff," said Fine Fettle assistant General Manager Josh Batista.
Sales at locations like the Fine Fettle in Stamford and around the state have climbed each month for both recreational and medical marijuana since recreational cannabis sales became legal in January.
"Just having that recreational use now available is actually bringing medical patients that did not know we were here that were still traveling far but now they have something closer to their home," said Batista.
But the state Department of Transportation has a message for anyone using weed.
"While cannabis is legal for those over 21 years of age, it still is illegal to drive under the influence," said Connecticut Department of Transportation Spokesperson Josh Morgan.
Connecticut DOT launched its ad campaign last year knowing cannabis sales were going to be ramping up earlier this year.
"We've had billboards out on the highway, we have coasters inside bars, window clings," said Morgan.
But the DOT says most crashes on the road are still alcohol related.
The state is hiring drug recognition experts who are trained to detect marijuana at traffic stops.
Fine Fettle encourages using cannabis responsibly.
Fine Fettle recommends buying cannabis from a dispensary because consumers know they are buying a product that has not been tampered with.