First responders rescue girl in unicorn raft who was swept out in Long Island Sound

A girl was rescued after her inflatable unicorn raft was swept out into the Long Island Sound in Fairfield, police say.
The incident happened last Friday at a private residence on Fairfield Beach Road.
Officials say the girl was swept out in open waters after her inflatable unicorn shifted because of the wind.
Officials say the child was reunited with her family.
A witness attempted to swim out to help the girl but became fatigued, officials say.
The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says inflatables like floats and rafts are usually prohibited at state beaches where there's lifeguards present at designated swimming areas. 
The items are prohibited at many municipal beaches too, including in Fairfield.
However, police say those guidelines don't apply at private beach residences. 
But police recommend following local guidelines for use of floats because weather can change quickly.