This 10-year-old food critic is being honored for helping restaurants during the pandemic

A Bethel 10-year-old food critic is getting a taste of more recognition after being honored by the first selectman.
Nicky Zaccagno, also known as Nicky Zooks, has been posting videos of his reviews for some of the establishments and restaurants in the area since 2020. His YouTube channel has over 1,000 subscribers.
This week, he was recognized by his hometown of Bethel as being the first person in America to start helping out restaurants right at the start of the pandemic with his videos.
"We went to a lot of restaurants, and they called us back after we did the video and they said they sold out of whatever we boosted and that's really cool to hear," says Zaccagno.
He says he possibly wants to join Food Network maybe as a chef.
Zaccagno will be honored at the state Capitol.