Flying ice could cost more than a broken windshield

Snow and ice flying off the tops of vehicles could cost drivers more than a just a broken windshield in southwestern Connecticut.
State police are urging drivers to brush the snow and ice off every part of their cars and not just the windshields. They say the problem of flying ice has lead to nearly 100 accidents this week alone. Some auto repair shops have been busy fixing broken windshields as a result of the flying snow and ice.
?It?s laziness, I mean, people have to get out here and do it,? Lt. Scott Anderson, of the State Police Department, said. ?They?re in a hurry ? they don?t want to take the time to clear off the rest of the vehicle.?
State police say they can?t fine drivers for failing to clear their cars. However, they say they can write a ticket once the snow or ice flies off. The ticket would be for failure to secure a load and can cost drivers up to $117.