Food Network to feature Milford pastry chef on 'The Girl Scout Cookie Championship'

Milford pastry chef Adrianna Robles will put her recipes to the test on the Food Network this month.

Robles owns "Good Morning Cupcake," a dessert catering business.
"I've been trying to get on the Food Network for over three years. I've applied to at least six different shows," says Robles.
Last year, the network reached out to Robles with its latest pitch - "The Girl Scout Cookie Championship."

"I was a Girl Scout growing up all through the age of 5 all the way to eighth grade, so I just knew it in my bones this was the show for me," says Robles.
The challenge asks chefs to whip up original dessert creations inspired by the famous cookies.
"It was like the most amazing but fear-provoking experience all at the same time," says Robles, who can't share how she did or what cookies inspired her TV treats. But she hopes her viewers see her passion.

You can find out how Robles does when her episode airs Monday, Feb. 24 at 8pm.