Fordham beefs up security in wake of Ill. shooting

After Thursday?s fatal shooting at an Illinois college, many Bronx residents are worried about the safety of the borough?s local colleges.
Investigators say six students, including 27-year-old gunman Steven Kazmierczak, were left dead at Northern Illinois University. Now, Fordham University?s director of safety and security, John Carroll, says the university will use technology to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the Bronx.
Carroll says Fordham has a notification system called ?Magna Alert,? which is a text/voice alert system that can reach out to 40,000 people in under one hour. Carroll says the university also has a group e-mail and voicemail system, where they can reach any student willing to give out his or her contact information.
According to Carroll, Fordham?s security can even cut through any cable channel to make an emergency announcement on television.
Hostos Community College says they plan to launch a similar notification system next month.