Former Stamford man stuck in Ukraine calls on lawyer to get back to US

Andriy Osadchy says he hears bombs going off several times a day in his native Ukraine.
He used to live in Stamford, but moved back to Ukraine years ago where he has been raising his two kids. Now he and his children, Emma and Mark, have been taking shelter in a basement. They are 70 kilometers from the safety of the Polish border but say they are still afraid.
"Every time we hear signal, we take cover because attack is every day. Everyday three or four times signal we go to basement," said Osadchy.
Osadchy says six days ago when Russia starting attacking, he was in Kyiv. He then took his family on a 19-hour journey to western Ukraine to find safety.
"I save life for my children because in Kyiv lots of children was dead, you know," said Osadchy.
Lines to the border are growing, and it is taking days for people to get out of Ukraine.
Osadchy is working with Stamford attorney Stephan Seeger, who says many Ukrainians right now need legal assistance just to get out of the country.
"I think the legal process needs to be something that they are aware of so they can avail themselves some opportunities that can get them to safety, get them to loved ones in this dark hour in human history," said Seeger.
Seeger says he plans to go over to Ukraine, and is asking other local attorneys to help these Ukrainians, like Osadchy, in their desperate time of need.
Osadchy says it is easier for women and children to cross the border, but men are told they have to stay and fight.