Former Trumbull High School marching band director dies

A beloved high school marching band director has died.
Former Trumbull High School band director Peter Horton always told his students and staff to play "from the heart."
So many tributes from the heart have been coming in.
"I think he'd like to just be remembered as being that teacher that cared, that always saw the best interest of the students at heart," said Tom Whitmoyer, who worked with Horton and the marching band.
Horton, who was in his 70s, passed away a couple of days ago due to declining health.
For more than thirty years Horton shaped his bands at Trumbull High until he retired two years ago.
The Trumbull High School marching band always seemed to perform at a higher level, winning several regional and national championships.
Many people will tell you the band's success came from Horton.
"You knew that because of Pete this band was going to be excellent that day," said Dr. Alan Amendola.
"One of his mantras was being the best you can be. And he brought that out in his kids in everything he did," said Whitmoyer.
Three years ago Horton was inducted into the Musical Arts Conference Hall of Fame.
"My thoughts and prayers are with Donna his wife. We've lost a good one. We lost a really good one," said Whitmoyer.
The family is still working on funeral arrangements.