From ICU to 5K – Greenwich COVID-19 survivor thanks medical staff who saved him

A Greenwich COVID-19 survivor did something Monday he never imagined he'd do a year ago – run a 5K.
Gabriel Cid was first admitted to Greenwich Hospital last year after being infected with the virus. He spent 37 days there, including 30 days in the intensive care unit.
He says he's grateful to the hospital workers who helped him survive. He showed it by leaving his house in Byram around 11:30 a.m. and running to the hospital where he was met with hugs and cheers.
“As I was running, there was one hill that was really tough – and I just kept repeating Dr. Wainwright's name, nurse Ellen's name, because they gave me the inspiration and the courage to keep pushing myself," he says.
Cid plans to run another 5K next month, which would mark exactly one year since leaving the hospital. This time, he will start at the hospital and run back to his home in Byram.