Frying a turkey for Thanksgiving? Demonstration video shows dos and don'ts

The dark secret of Thanksgiving is that it is the No. 1 day for kitchen fires across the country.
Unfortunately, New York leads the nation in home fire deaths this year with 123, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.
With that stat in mind, the Ossining Fire Department wants to make sure that the Hudson Valley doesn’t contribute to the number.
To promote fire safety, the department conducted a live demonstration highlighting the dos and don'ts of deep-frying a turkey. The biggest tip is not to fry a frozen turkey, which could result in a large fire.
For those frying a turkey, they issued a warning to place the pot in the open and away from structures. They also said not to overfill the frying pot with oil before putting the turkey in. Make sure the turkey is dry and thawed and slowly place it in the pot.
Fire officials emphasized common factors contributing to home cooking fires, including unattended cooking, objects catching fire, unintentionally activated or unattended cooking equipment, and the hazardous mix of hot cooking oil and water or other outdoor elements.
In addition, they advised individuals to wear clothing that's not highly flammable and to prioritize safety during cooking activities.