Games for the family: Here are some innovative game ideas to play together this holiday season

News 12 New Jersey is highlighting several Christmas gifts for everyone, including the best family games and gift ideas to bring you and your family all together.
"Traditional board games are still hot -- things like Monopoly, Life, Sorry -- they're always actually the top selling games, but when it comes to innovation -- things have changed a little bit," says toy insider James Zahn.
Innovative games like Gib Gab from Fat Brain Toys! It’s like a verbal tug of war.
Monopoly Builder blends the classic game of Monopoly with a new way to build your board game real estate empire. Now you can build your own urban metropolis and build upward on the board.
"You've always done the houses and hotels, well now you can build your own urban metropolis and build upwards on the board," says Zahn.
Corner Crush is another twist on an old favorite. Everyone has played Connect 4, but what if it went four ways?
"You think like Connect-4 -- everybody's played it, but what if it went four ways -- that's the deal with Corner Crush," says Zahn.
The Pokémon Surprise Attack Game takes the Pokémon trading card and video game world into a whole new direction by bringing action figures into the Pokémon mix.
Zahn says games like these will satisfy your family's search for new ways to have family fun.
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