Gay Instagram influencer uses his voice to spread positivity

Zac Mathias says he is always himself on his social media and gets a lot of love from his over 16,000 followers on Instagram.
Mathias now teams up with local businesses like Skin Lab by Nichols, to some pretty popular global brands, like Lilly Pulitzer for their first pride collection.
The teen says he is thankful for his inner circle.
"The people you choose to surround yourself with - it's not just about your given family, it's about the family you choose," Mathias said.
Mathias says that as LBGTQ+ rights are under attack across the nation, there is no better time for informing others on what's happening.
“It’s really important that we continue to fight and positively represent the community and educate those around us," he said. "Pride Month is once a year and it’s a great time for companies to show their allyship and give back but it’s all about what you are doing 365 days a year."
Mathias is off to college next year in New York City, with dreams of eventually launching a career in interior design.