VOTE 2023: Gerber, Kupchick await results in Fairfield first selectman race

There were no reportable votes tabulated in the race for Town of Fairfield first selectman as of 11:50 p.m. Tuesday.
Democratic candidate Bill Gerber said he was “cautiously optimistic” in a victory in the race.
“We are looking very very good,” he said. “I feel great for everyone here because our team did really well, we won a lot of seats on the RTM, we kept control on the Board of Finance, Board of [Education], Planning and Zoning,” said Gerber. “I'm optimistic about myself but I learned not to measure the hurdles."
Meanwhile, Republican incumbent candidate Brenda Kupchick’ campaign team remained hopeful that absentee ballots would bring the race to a close in her favor.
“For the viewers at home and everyone patiently waiting for the results of the Fairfield race, there's still some time to go,” said Chris Tymmiak of the Kupchick campaign. “We are optimistic that the votes are going to come in our favor right now and we're looking forward to having an announcement soon.
Kupchick was joined by running mate Brian Fernan at Flipside Burger to watch the election results. Gerber and running mate Christine Vitale were headquartered at H. Smith Richardson Golf Course.
Kupchick and Fernan have held the seat for the last four years. Kupchick started a grassroots organization called One Voice for education, was an active member of RTM and the Board of Education, and served as a state representative for Fairfield.
Fernan is an attorney and has served as general counsel and chief legal officer of Connecticut Green Bank.
Bill Gerber has been a resident of Fairfield for 27 years and served on the RTM, Fairfield’s legislative branch, for the last 10 years.
Vitale currently serves on the Board of Education’s Facilities Committee and as the secretary of the Finance Committee. She also represents Fairfield on the Cooperative Educational Services Representative Council and served on the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition.