'Give us weapons.' Ukrainian fighter pilot calls for western nations to send weapons to home country

Ukrainian officials say their forces hit Russia's flagship fleet in the Black Sea, which was heavily damaged and later sunk. This comes as Russia regroups for a renewed attack in eastern Ukraine. As Ukrainian forces prepare for it, a Ukrainian fighter pilot is calling for more weapons from western countries.
Ukrainian fighter pilot "Juice" says he believes western countries like the United States are not providing enough military weapons, specifically fighter jets.
The White House did announce additional security assistance for Ukraine, including weapons, but experts say this will help for on the battleground.
Juice disguises his face to protect his identity. He says they're operating on older aircrafts and has a message for lawmakers.
"Just help us save our citizens, give us the right tools for our job. We are ready to defend our country. We are prepared, we are trained and motivated - just give us weapons," said Juice.
Former intelligence officer Alex Plitsas, of Fairfield, says the weapons western countries have given the Ukrainian army have turn the tide on the battle ground. But the Biden Administration walks a fine line of providing air defense weapons to Ukraine without sparking a global conflict.
"It's incredibly important that we surge those weapons for the Ukrainians, that they can defend themselves and their territory," said Plitsas.