Going green: Waste Free Greenwich hosts 3rd annual ReThink Waste fair

Waste Free Greenwich is raising awareness on waste management and environmental protection through sustainable alternatives.

Tom Krosnowski and Robyn Karashik

Apr 6, 2024, 10:27 PM

Updated 53 days ago


Waste Free Greenwich held their third annual ReThink Waste Fair on Saturday at the Christ Church Parish Hall.
The items at the fair were made from entirely upcycled clothing, including hospital sterilization wrappings.
“Once the tray’s instruments are used, this material becomes garbage. I hope that designers can look into this material. If I can do it, we can use this material to do something good,” said Wen-Ting Reardon, of Danbury.
It’s just one of the dozens of innovations spotlighted at the fair, which has become Waste Free Greenwich’s signature event.
“One of our key principles is the six R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Repair. We hope everyone brings that home with them from the fair, and puts it to use,” said Julie DesChamps, the founder of Waste Free Greenwich.
It’s a message that fits Greenwich – whose latest green energy step is converting their fleet of leaf blowers to electric models. They are also taking advantage of the benefits of composting.
“If you don't have a backyard, you can drop it off in Greenwich. We have a couple boxes of textiles, if you’d like to recycle those too, also at the town dump,” said First Selectman Fred Camillo.
From upcycled clothing to snacks made from scraps, the fair highlights the steps that can be taken every day to be a little greener.
“I made some broccoli-cornbread waffles. I took broccoli scraps and made a cornbread mixture, took strawberry scraps and made a spicy syrup,” said Juan Benitez, a professional chef. “This is either considered compost, or most people throw it in the trash. But if you have the time, it’s such a great way to utilize waste.”
“Instead of throwing something away, just give it a second thought, think, ‘How else could I use this?’ Or find someone who can do something with it,” said Britta Calkosz, a fair co-chair.
Waste Free Greenwich also has an online Waste Wizard that lays out how to properly dispose of various items.

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