Good Samaritan helps domestic violence victim by striking suspect with leaf blower

A Milford man is facing an attempted murder charge after police say he stabbed a victim in the chest in a domestic violence incident. 
The incident happened on Saturday in their home on Greer Circle. 
One of the neighbors told News 12 he struck Kevin Conway with a leaf blower when Conway refused to put the knives down.   
"He got within a couple feet of us. He had three knives chasing us, so I had to hit him with a leaf blower and thank God, I hit him right and he got knocked out," said neighbor Todd Craig. 
Police reports say the victim was able to escape her husband and run outside for help.  
Craig, the victim’s neighbor said he heard screaming, and then saw the victim running towards him. 
"I kept on begging him to put [them] down, don't come in my yard, put [them] down, it's not worth it, we can work this out. He just kept saying 'she's going to die, I'm going to die." 
Craig said he was cutting his lawn and using the leaf blower to clean the leaves when he saw the victim with bloody shirt and stab wound to the chest. 
The victim was treated and has since been released from the hospital.   
There was an existing protective order in this case, but it was not a full no-contact order, according to police.  
Milford Police PFC Brianna MacDonald is encouraging victims and people to speak up on domestic violence.  
"If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence and you think that they're afraid to come forward, we urge people to just give us a call," said MacDonald.  
Conway was arraigned on Monday and is being held on a $750,000 bond.