Police: Milford man charged with attempted murder in domestic violence dispute

A Milford man is facing multiple charges including attempted murder after police say he stabbed a woman in a domestic violence incident on Saturday in their home on Greer Circle.
Police say Kevin Conway attacked and stabbed the victim in her chest with a knife. She then ran outside screaming for help and a good Samaritan came to her aid. Conway was injured as a result of the good Samaritan’s interference.
Conway and the victim were both treated at a local hospital and have since been released.
“If you or someone that you know is a victim of domestic violence and they're afraid to come forward, we urge people to just give us a call,” said PFC Brianna MacDonald, of the Milford Police Department. “At the least, we can do a welfare check and make sure that everything is okay in the home."
Police say there was already an existing protective order in this case, but it was not a full no-contact order.
“Always call us. You know, better safe than sorry,” said MacDonald. “We're just thankful that the good Samaritan was able to step in until we were able to get there."
Conway is being held on $750,000 bond and appeared in Milford Superior Court on Monday.