Lawmakers pass revised FMLA plan

State lawmakers passed a family medical leave program in a party-line vote.
The plan will guarantee up to three months off and cover salary for workers who need to care for themselves or a relative. But it will also cost all workers an extra half-percent more off their paycheck.
Lamont had threatened last week to veto the plan, saying the board overseeing it is too bloated. Gov. Lamont today said he was removing his veto threat and announced a deal on a revised plan with less bureaucracy.
Lamont said the compromise reduces the size of the board from 15 to 13 voting members, with the governor getting seven appointments and the legislature getting six. The governor will also select the chairperson.
The compromise also eliminates a waiting period for the board to vote on contracts by having agency staff score and award contracts using the board's criteria.
“We all agreed on the need to pass this landmark support for working families so they don’t have to choose between the job they need and the family they love, or their own health," said Lamont.
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