Gov. Lamont says hiring teachers of color is a ‘big priority’ during Bridgeport stop

Connecticut is taking strides to hire at least 250 minority teachers a year across the state.
During a visit Friday at Harding High School in Bridgeport, Gov. Ned Lamont touted a law that would make that happen.
"It's a big priority for me,” said the governor. “We've got 40-50% of our kids are children of color and maybe 10% of their teachers."
State Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said, "Students have a greater likelihood of going to college if they are being taught by someone that looks like them."
However, Harding students told News 12 that they see little incentive to become a teacher. To encourage more young people to enter the education field, the state is now offering help with housing and tuition. Gov. Lamont says the program, which is in place at Sacred Heart University, forgives half the teacher's tuition payments if they teach at a school like Harding.
Gov. Lamont also wants to partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to bring more teachers to Connecticut.