Gov. Lamont signs Clean Slate Bill, but asks lawmakers to make changes

Gov. Ned Lamont signed the Clean Slate Bill Thursday, but is asking lawmakers to make changes to it.
The bill would automatically erase the criminal histories of 300,000 residents if they've stayed out of trouble.
In a statement, Lamont says his concerns with the bill were that more felonies were not excluded and law enforcement agencies would not be able to access records if they're erased.
"Despite these concerns, I am proud to sign a bill that will help people who have served their sentence and who have continued to live crime-free lives. Enacting this legislation adds to Connecticut’s accomplishments as a national leader in criminal justice reform. It also addresses well-documented collateral consequences of a criminal conviction and lowers barriers for people seeking to move on with their life and past their involvement with the criminal justice system," he says.