Gov. Lamont: Votes are there to pass tolls on tractor-trailers

Gov. Ned Lamont is bracing for a very busy week starting on Monday, including a likely vote on tolls.  
In a sit-down interview with News 12’s John Craven, the governor insisted that the votes are there to pass tolls on tractor-trailers.
The legislation also contains an emergency clause that could expand tolls. That needs 60 percent of lawmakers for approval.
Both the House and Senate may debate the plan at the exact same time because tolls are so controversial, neither side wants to go first.
“What I think we've got to do is fix the transportation system,” Gov. Lamont told News 12. “We've been putting it off for decades in this state."
A tolls vote could happen on Thursday after what is expected to be a marathon debate on the issue.