Greenwich doctor collects medical supplies to donate to front-line doctors in Ukraine

A Greenwich woman is collecting medical supplies for emergency doctors on the front lines in Ukraine performing lifesaving procedures for injured civilians and soldiers.
Dr. Inna Lazar is an optometrist in Old Greenwich and is using her own medical knowledge to help doctors on the front lines in Ukraine by collecting supplies and shipping it to them.
Lazar came to the United States from Ukraine in 2003 and still has family in Western Ukraine, as well as family members fighting in the Army.
She stepped in to help when she received lists over text message from doctors about different medical supplies they're in need of.
Lazar packaged dozens of boxes of medicine and equipment, which are currently in transit to Ukraine.
She says the lists of needed items is everchanging. On Friday, it consisted of IV kits and defibrillators.
"Currently Ukraine is very low on tourniquets to stop the bleeding," said Lazar.
Lazar's cousin is on the ground fighting for his country.
Lazar is collecting donations through a GoFundMe, which will help her purchase more medical supplies for people in Ukraine and refugees.