Greenwich parents protest school contract negotiation

About 40 Greenwich parents took part in a protest outside the board of education Thursday morning. The parents say they're upset because school administrators are trying to renegotiate a contract that includes cuts for the school aids who deal with special-needs children. According to the protestors, the board of education is offering school aids, known as para-professionals, a 50 cent per hour raise. They also say the district wants to double their insurance premiums, as well as cut back their sick days from 15 to five. The para-professionals weren?t at the protest because they were all in school. However, parents say they play an important role in the education system, not only for the special-needs children, but for the rest of their class as well. ?Greenwich likes to pat itself on the back and say when it comes to special-needs children they're the best. They need to take another look at themselves and see what they're doing to the people that are actually taking care of these kids,? says John Cain, the husband of a para-professional at Old Greenwich School. A district spokesperson says administrators will not comment on the situation during contract negotiations.