Group of Girl Scouts in Suffolk County push efforts to help Haiti victims

Proud members of Girl Scout troop 12 in Suffolk County are doing their part to help those in need.
The scouts are working hard to help the people of Haiti after recent disasters.
“I was watching the news and I saw everything people in Haiti were going through,” said one girl.
Haiti was recently hit with both an earthquake and a hurricane.
“How can I help someone else who needs it?”, Girl Scout Olivia told News 12. “How can I take action of a Girl Scout? My dad and I jumped in the car, and we went down the streets and we were just asking people if they could support us."
The girls did different drives in front of stores, and they packed two truckloads full Tuesday to go to the town of Hempstead.
Hearing about these people's lives destroyed and natural disasters and homes not being there anymore tugged further at some of the girls’ heartstrings.
“I cannot imagine,” Olivia added. “There are girls just like me. Boys older, younger, toddlers, newborn babies. Their whole lives were just turned upside down and I was like if I could do anything to make the slightest make their lives a bit better then I wanna do that."
The girls feel they made their fellow scouts proud too with their generosity and their mindset.
“Us coming together as a service unit – and all trying to make an impact really showed the unity," another girl said. "Yes, bad things happen, but people come together and take a negative and make it a positive.
One of the things in the Girl Scout law is to help others when help is needed and making the world a better place.