Guide: Top 8 healthy tips for the New Year

Ready to kick-start a healthy 2024? 
Here are some tips that will help you improve your health and reach your goal:

1. Kick start your exercise habits

Dr. Katy Milkman, a professor at the Wharton School, says one of the key findings in her research was about preventing missing more than one scheduled workout in a row.

2. Plan to have one healthy goal

Milkman says sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with multiple goals at once, so it's important to have a plan for your top healthy goal.

3. Spend some time outside

Spending more time outside seems refreshing. Each day, try to take a walk to your local park, go for a walk around the block, or sit in your backyard, and enjoy some fresh air. 

4. Drink more water

Drinking water increases energy and relieves fatigue, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins and improves skin complexion! Get a reusable cup, or bottle with markings so you know exactly when you should have your next drink. Health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon a day.

5. Maintain a healthy diet

You may be eating plenty of food, but your body may not be getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Nutrient-rich foods have minerals, protein, whole grains and other nutrients but are lower in calories. They may help you control your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Check out this list of what you should eat, and what you should avoid. 
One of the diets that fits this pattern is the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan. Most healthy eating patterns can be adapted based on calorie requirements and personal and cultural food preferences. Here's more info on this dietary plan. 

6. Live tobacco free

Don’t smoke, vape or use tobacco or nicotine products — and avoid secondhand smoke or vapor. Here are some tips to help you stop smoking.

7. Take care of your skin

As we enter the dead of winter, the cold, low humidity, mask wearing and handwashing can wreak havoc on our skin - which in turn may make you feel unhealthy. HERE are some winter skin care tips to help it stay healthy.

8. Boost your immune system

Your immune system can help defend you against disease-causing microorganisms! HERE is a list of healthy ways to strengthen your immune system.