Guilford teen accused of stabbing stranger to be released to psychiatric facility

The Guilford teen accused of stabbing a stranger in a Westport parking lot will make bond - but under strict conditions, partly because of the prosecutor's arguments.
Senior Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Valdez says Tibere has been plotting to kill since he was a child.
The 18-year-old has been in custody on a $1 million bond since Jan. 6, when police say he stabbed a random woman.
Tibere is now headed to Whiting Forensic Institute in Middletown, a psychiatric facility where he will be on 24-hour supervision.
In court Monday, defense attorney John Gulash tried to get Tibere's bond reduced but was denied. 
Police say Tibere was wearing a mask and carrying a knife when he opened the door and attacked the victim. In court, the prosecutor said there was so much blood that it would make investigators think it was a murder scene.
"I have seen autopsied legs that look better than my client's leg after she sustained this injury," said attorney Gene Riccio, who represents the 33-year-old victim.
Riccio believes Tibere is a risk to the community and himself.
Valdez told the judge Tibere confessed to police that he had thoughts of killing someone as far back as 10 years ago.
In recently unsealed court documents, Tibere also said he broke into two homes in Westport before his arrest and planned to ambush the residents when they returned.
Gulash would not comment on the case.
Tibere appeared in court last week and was found competent to stand trial.