Hamden family adopts bulldog left for dead in Woodbridge

It's a happy ending for a sweet bulldog that was dumped out of a truck in Woodbridge.
In October, Jen Dellacroce saw a bulldog named Mary, being dumped out of a truck, thin and bloody from a botched cesarean.
Dellacroce called her friend Leigh Ann Russ about Mary. Russ volunteers for Woodbridge Animal Control.
"Mary just literally let me pick her up. I put her in my garage. We kind of just tended to her and I called Karen and Jess," said Russ.
Karen and Jess at Woodbridge Animal Control cared for Mary and knew she would make a great pet for someone.
"Her personality was amazing right from the beginning, even with all she was feeling and going through," said Woodbridge Animal Control Officer Karen Lombardi.
After News 12's story Monday, Woodbridge Animal Control has been flooded with calls to adopt her. Mary got to meet her new family Thursday.
Eileen Denny from Hamden and her three kids welcomed Mary into their arms and their hearts Thursday. They say they are so happy this story has a happy ending.
"For people to be that heartless and that cruel to such an innocent sweet creature. But like I said on the flip side, I think the real focus is in all the people that came to help and support and care for her," said Denny.
Denny says Mary will fit right in at home with their older bulldog Winston, who they also adopted from Woodbridge Animal Control.
Police have some tips on who is responsible for dumping Mary and they say it's an active investigation.
Several other dogs at the shelter are also being adopted this week thanks to all the publicity from Mary.