'He fits right in.' German shepherd that was found shot thrives with new family

A trial visit confirmed Sheriff was a match for the Loris family, which includes two kids and a golden retriever, Austin.

Marissa Alter

Jul 21, 2022, 9:21 PM

Updated 722 days ago


It's the dog days of summer at the Loris house in Shelton with the addition of dog No. 2, Sheriff.
“I knew like he needed a loving home, and I knew he would get that here,” explained Victoria Loris.
The 1-year-old German shepherd, previously called Thunda, captured hearts in April after he was found shot at Coon Hollow Park in Derby and needed his leg amputated. Police arrested two people believed to be his owners at the time, Stranja Perrin and Anthony Singletary Donations poured in from the community and beyond for the dog’s medical care at VCA Shoreline.
“Once I saw the pictures and heard the story of how someone can shoot an animal, I mean…” said Victoria Loris, shaking her head.
“We were both hurt by it,” her husband, Dan Loris, told News 12. “And I just fell in love with him.”
A trial visit confirmed Sheriff was a match for the Loris family, which includes two kids and a golden retriever, Austin.
“I just knew, like right off the rip. I was like this dog is amazing. He's perfect,” Victoria Loris recounted. “He fits right in.”
Sheriff has been in his new home for a couple weeks now. Like many little brothers, you'll often find him tailing Austin. Being three-legged doesn't slow Sheriff down. He was even too fast for News 12’s camera.
“When he's out in the yard, you could not tell that he's missing a leg. He runs with our other dog, chasing the ball together,” Dan Loris said.
“I think he thinks he's had three legs his entire life,” joked Victoria Loris, who added that Sheriff loves to swim.
The vet who treated Sheriff gave him his new name, apparently after the Bob Marley song "I Shot the Sheriff." It’s a name the Lorises had no intention of changing.
“It's perfect for a family of law enforcement,” Dan Loris said. Both he and his wife are police officers, and he was a K-9 officer for five years. His former partner, Stryker, was also a German shepherd and died earlier this year. Sheriff has helped fill that void.
“He's like a best friend of mine already,” Dan Loris told News 12. “He’s happy to be in a house where he's loved and taken care of. He's just smiling all the time.”
The Lorises said they are extremely grateful to everyone who was involved in Sheriff’s treatment, recovery and care, especially the staff at VCA Shoreline, Shelton Animal Control and those who helped cover Sheriff’s medical expenses. They told News 12 there’s the possibility he could get a prosthetic way down the road, but that’s not needed right now.

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