Head-to-head: Stamford mayoral candidates face off on News 12 Connecticut

Stamford held mayoral debate on News 12 Connecticut that was moderated by our own Mark Sudol.
Democratic candidate Caroline Simmons and unaffiliated candidate Bobby Valentine faced off on issues and how they plan to improve life for Stamford's local business owners and residents.
The candidates talked about a lot of the major issues facing the city both now and in the future - Infrastructure, affordable housing and an increasing population as the second largest city in the state.
It was later in the debate when each candidate made their case to voters.
"I am so honored to be running to be your mayor. I want to thank all of you in this room for all you do for our city. I am so optimistic about the future of Stamford and all the possibility that lies ahead, and I want to build a more vibrant flourishing city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive," said Simmons.
"I am not going to Hartford from here. And I'm not going to D.C. from here. I'm staying here till the end. I have my plot here, and I want to make the city of Stamford proud," says Valentine.
Simmons has been a state representative. Valentine brings name recognition and served as Stamford's public safety director under the Mike Pavia administration.