Heat center opens in Bridgeport as temperatures drop

City officials said many of their beds are already filled, but there's still some openings.

Nicole Alarcon Soares

Nov 10, 2023, 3:08 AM

Updated 256 days ago


Officials in Bridgeport announced a warming center is now open to the public on 650 Park Avenue.
City officials said many of their beds are already filled but there's still some openings.
Alpha Community Services YMCA teamed up with the City of Bridgeport, Recovery Network of Programs, and Bridgeport Hospital Emergency Department to help the public.
Officials say there's a growing need for their services due to a lack of affordable housing.
The director of Health and Social Services, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez says the house is open for anyone in Fairfield County.
"Even though this is just a physical opening, it really represents what the community needs, and it's not just Bridgeport. Anybody from Fairfield County can come," said Rodriguez.
The center offers around-the-clock services to help anybody in need of permanent housing.
For questions regarding the center, you can reach them at 203-260-0595.

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