Hike with Llamas at Newtown's Llama Hiking and Adventure Company on Rowanwood Farm

Ever wanted to hike with llamas? Llama Hiking and Adventure Company in Newtown offers just that.
Located on Rowanwood Farm, hikers are paired up with a Llama before heading out on the trails.
Valerie Thomas, a volunteer at the farm says you look at the world through the llama's eyes. "They really enjoy walking with you, you can feel it," she says. "You get this nice bond walking through the woods with them. It’s very calming and therapeutic."
Owner AJ Collier says llamas love walking because that is what they were bred for going back 6,000 years.
"Well, they kind of sense your energy. There is something about them that is very soothing and calming there. Just they have a certain vibe to them that’s very warm, and they are lovely," Collier says.
Rowanwood Farm also features other activities for all ages, including tours of its rescue ranch.