'His smile could cure any headache.' Hundreds mourn man killed in Bridgeport shooting

Morton's Funeral Home was filled with mourners who came to pay their respects to 26-year-old Manny Cobb.

Abby Del Vecchio and Frank Recchia

Aug 17, 2023, 9:23 PM

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Hundreds of people attended the funeral of a hospital security guard who was killed last week on the East Side of Bridgeport.
Morton's Funeral Home was filled with mourners who came to pay their respects to 26-year-old Manny Cobb.
"I knew this person, I saw this person from when I was little growing up, and to see him pass away, it's like, it hurts, Frank, to know that this is happening," said Keonte Collins, who was a friend of Cobb.
Loved ones say Cobb was a "loving dad, son, uncle and grandson who always put family first."
Police say Cobb was fatally shot on Brooks Street on Aug. 7. An investigation is still underway.
Mourners said at the funeral Thursday what is important is celebrating the life of a young person who was known for making people happy.
"Cause any time you think of him you're just going to smile, because any time he sees you he's just making a joke, laughing or -- even if he had something going on, he would just brush it off and just keep pushing," said friend Jelani Green.
News 12 Connecticut spoke with Cobb's grandmother last weekend, who was distraught over her loss.
"They all had a part of it and when they were standing over him, they held him so he could be -- well, he was stabbed and shot," said Annie Mae Cobb-Jordan.
As friends and family made their final farewells Thursday, they said it was important to keep Cobb's happy, loving spirit foremost in their thoughts on this painful day.
"He was always smiling. His smile could cure any headache, any sadness," said longtime family friend Dave Harden. "The security team at Bridgeport Hospital, they're out here in full force, they're dedicated employees and also great friends and today they showed they're compassion and they showed they're sorrow with the family."
The family told News 12 Connecticut the big turnout Thursday is a comforting memory they'll carry with them forever.
Cobb leaves behind two sons.

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