History-rich Plymouth, Connecticut celebrates 225th anniversary

Plymouth, Connecticut is a town packed with historical New England charm, and it's celebrating its 225th anniversary.
The president of Plymouth Historical Society, Matthew Malley, says Plymouth has something to show you in whatever aspect of history you're into.
The town is celebrating its 225th anniversary this year.
The Historical Society and the Beautification Committee got a head start in celebrating Plymouth's 225th anniversary by asking volunteers to paint a mural on the wall of the Lee Hardware building at 171 Main St., Terryville.
The mural features some of the town's iconic and historic areas like a water wheel.
The Eli Terry Jr. water wheel was named after a local clock maker, and is one of the very few left in the country that has all of its original hardware.
A cemetery called "burial grounds" contains the remains of veterans from the French and Indian war, the Revolution, and Civil War, as well as many prominent people in town.
A bridge in Plymouth is dedicated to Ted Knight, who was born in town. Knight was an American actor and voice artist well known for playing the comedic roles of Ted Baxter in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” Henry Rush in “Too Close for Comfort,” and Judge Elihu Smails in “Caddyshack.”