Homeowners, 5 dogs escape blaze in Fairfield home

Firefighters were able to save five dogs from a burning house in Fairfield Saturday afternoon.
The blaze started at one house on Stratfield Road, then spread to the garage and the house next door.
Firefighters say once they arrived and made sure all of the residents were out safely and unharmed, they went back in to rescue the five pets.
They say several animals were found on the higher floors, and a few were rescued from the basement.
Officials say two of them briefly suffered severe smoke inhalation. 
Officials say it's crucial to leave the pet rescues to the professionals and homeowners can put themselves and even fire crews in danger by going back into the home to find any animals.
First responders say none of the residents or animals were injured from the fire.
Officials say the fire marshal was on the property into the late hours of Saturday evening trying to determine what could've caused the home to go up in flames.