Hospital choice saves Bronx woman's life

An ailing Bronx mother was saved in the nick of time by getting rushed to the right hospital.
Millicent Palmer was unaware of her liver disease until she was rushed to Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx last week. When her sister saw that Palmer?s eyes were yellow, she immediately brought her to the emergency room.
The hospital choice proved to be the luckiest, most important decision of Palmer?s life. Montefiore is the only hospital in the Bronx that has a unit dedicated specifically to transplants. Experts say that if she had chosen another hospital in the Bronx, she might not be alive today.
Doctors at Montefiore diagnosed Palmer with an aggressive liver disease and moved her to the top of the liver donor list. Her new liver came quickly, and Palmer is now recovering after surgery.
The doctors at Montefiore Medical Center were able to save Palmer?s life, but they say the real heroes are those that donate their organs to save others.
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