How local coaches and players are dealing with rule changes in basketball

The Norwalk Bears open their season Friday, and, like the rest of the state, have been getting used to the newly implemented 35-second shot clock.
But the biggest change may not be the shot clock at all. The 1 and 1 from the free throw line no longer exists. Teams will be rewarded two free throws when the opposing team eclipses five total fouls in a quarter.
Norwalk head coach Garrett Hickey says the change will help Connecticut student-athletes get recruited.
“When I was at Albertus, the biggest thing I noticed was if we had a kid from New York or New Jersey and a kid from Connecticut, the biggest thing they had to get used to was that shot clock and the pace of play,” said Hickey.
The coach said several high school teams have been playing with the shot clock for a while.
“When you go into the fourth quarter being at zero, you could see teams who are down 15, down 17, say you know what, we’re going to start fouling with seven minutes left and see if we can get back in the game and chip it like that,” said coach Hickey.
Senior Jaylen Brown, is one of those student-athletes who hopes to play at the next level.
“You’re [going to] have a shot clock in college, pros, wherever you play outside of high school basketball, so having a shot clock now and just preparing us for the next level, I feel like that’s great,” said Brown.
Coach Hickey says the changes are for the better and will help all high school basketball girls and boys.