How to work around toy shortage issues for the holidays

Finding what's on your kid's wish list may not be so easy this year, so News 12 spoke to experts to help you navigate this season of shortages.
The pandemic is still causing major impacts on the toy business.
"I don’t think the consumer understands the shortage that’s going to happen," says Jim Silver, CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Toys Tots, Pets & More (TTPM)."What happened was COVID shut down factories, which are now reopened but it created a backup at the ports which has now created a shortage in terms of containers because they are lined up at the ports."
Silver says the lack of containers means a major shortage of toys coming this holiday season.
"You’re talking about anywhere from 20 to 30% less toys being able to get over here."
So how do you work around this to make sure you find the perfect gifts?
Some tips are to try shopping locally, like at specialty stores. There are some unexpected places where you can get toys - Barnes & Noble, CVS and some grocery stores. Look in unexpected places and shop early.
If you are shopping online, check the shipping date often. The experts say the gift buying journey starts with a wish list.
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