How would you like to own an island off Connecticut for $3 million?

How would you like to own an island off Connecticut for the cool price of $3 million?
Wheeler’s Island, off the coast of Branford, is on the market.
The Island is part of the Thimble Islands and if you want a glimpse of what it looks like before you buy it, Captain Mike has been giving tours with his boat Sea Mist for 43 years.
The boat leaves from Stony Creek dock in the town of Branford.
Captain Mike took over the tour business from his uncle in 1976.
"We go for a two-hour cruise with about 38 people or less," he says.
The Thimble Islands were discovered in 1614 by a young Dutch sailor named Adrien Block.
In total, Captain Mike says 25 inhabited islands make up the Thimble Islands.
However, Lori Vogel with William Raveis Real Estate says most of the islands have only year-round residents with summer homes.
Wheeler‘s Island was purchased by Frank Wheeler in 1885.
Captain Mike says there's even a legend that treasure is buried on one of the islands.
"Some pieces of eight and gold doubloon have been found on one of the islands," he says.
There are three vessels that tour the Thimble Islands. For more information, click here.