Hudson Valley police on high alert after mass shooting in Buffalo

Police in the Hudson Valley are on high alert in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo.
This often happens after a violent event. No matter where it occurs, police will keep an extra close eye for several days just in case it's not the act of one person.
News 12 saw the same thing happen after last month's shooting in a Brooklyn subway station as extra police could be seen at Hudson Valley train stations.
Police all over our area are now keeping an extra close eye out for anything suspicious after Saturday's mass shooting in Buffalo but especially in the larger communities.
In Yonkers for example, police officials say they have ramped up their presence in certain areas and it's something you may notice over the next several days. "We've increased our patrols to houses of worship, supermarkets, malls, to any place where there are large gatherings of people," says Yonkers police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza.
Sapienza and other Hudson Valley communities say they have seen no credible threats to our area, so this heighten state of security is just to be extra cautious and to hopefully help make the public feel a little more secure. "I'm definitely glad that Yonkers PD is surveilling the area, making sure that Yonkers residents are safe. it's just unfortunate what happened up in Buffalo," says Carlos Rincon, of Yonkers.