Hundreds march in Westport over George Floyd's death

Hundreds of protesters marched the streets of Westport Monday donning black-colored clothing as they shouted "black lives matter."
The latest peaceful demonstration is just one of many that occurred around Connecticut this weekend following the police custody death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.
Greater and more violent protests that have injured both law enforcement officials and demonstrators have taken place across the nation since last week.
City storefronts were left looted in New York City, and some were even set ablaze in Minneapolis.
In Connecticut, Stamford's police chief and protesters knelt together in solidarity on Sunday.
Bridgeport saw two arrests after a group of protesters blocked Route 8, which resulted in traffic and the closure of the highway.
Officials say protesters blocked the streets in Waterbury on I-84 and marched on the city streets. Police reported a few dozen arrests.
Over in New Haven, protesters yesterday didn't disperse until midnight, and at least one arrest was made.
Charges for the arrests including breach of peace and interfering with an officer.
Westport's march included many people from surrounding cities and began at Jesup Green headed toward Norwalk.
They say they called in both Fairfield and Norwalk's police departments for extra precaution. However, the demonstration has been peaceful so far.
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